Morning Links: Rockies News 1/6


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Major moves are on the way for some other teams this off-season, but that’s not likely to include the Colorado Rockies. Their significant additions are behind them, and there will likely be nothing more than tweaks and minor moves between now and spring training.

Here’s what else is happening with the Rockies and around the rest of the league:

From Troy Renck: There’s no room for rumors in the Baseball Hall of Fame (Denver Post)

"I have not endorsed known steroid users, and that did not change this year. My standard, which will be understandably questioned, is to leave out players who tested positive, admitted using or have an avalanche of evidence against them through federal investigations.“So I said no to Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmeiro and Sammy Sosa. I realize my logic will be criticized with those insisting that my ballot does include PED users. They could be right. But I am not basing my vote on speculation or rumors.”"

From Kevin V. Minor: Happy 2014 everyone! (Purple Row)

"Resolution #3: The starting rotation will pitch into the seventh inning. This is a combined resolution that includes the manager letting them and the players pitching well enough to deserve it. If Juan Nicasio is going to stick in the rotation, he needs to eliminate the 30 pitch innings from his repertoire. The bullpen will look a lot better if they don’t lead the league in innings pitched, again.”"

From Joseph Jacquez: Rumors: Should D’backs Trade J.J. Putz (Venom Strikes)

"In my opinion trading Putz for Ichiro or Gallardo makes perfect sense for this team going forward. The D’backs have their apparent closer of the future in Reed and people forget that the D’backs have a lot of bullpen depth to fill either the 7th or 8th and be fine without J.J in the mix.”"