Todd Helton wrote about his retirement; you must read it


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Helton, who is now officially retired and onto other things, wrote something for Sports Illustrated about his retirement. Entitled “Todd Helton on what his retirement from the Rockies won’t be like,” it is a must-read not just for Rockies fans but for any sports fan who appreciates a gracious and down-to-earth athlete.

You could pick any number of quotes as a favorite, but here is mine:

"I will not make a comeback. I think if you tip your hat and manage to exit stage left on your own terms you need to mean it. That is just my opinion. But don’t misunderstand: I’m not saying I won’t miss it. I will.“What I won’t do is worry about, pray for, work toward or obsess and stress over trying to get just one more hit. Although I know I will dream about mechanics — and most likely wake up some nights in a sweat — I am giving it over to all those younger guys chasing their baseball dreams. I did what I could with what God gave me and I’m at peace with that.”"

Please take a moment from your Thursday and read the whole thing for yourself. It is well worth your time.