MLB Free Agents who accepted qualifying offers? Still zero


Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to the folks over at MLB Trade Rumors, here is a comprehensive list of Major League free agents who accepted their qualifying offers this year.

Predictably, it is actually a list of players who do not accept those qualifying offers. It does include a number of players who will be of interest to the Colorado Rockies. Furthermore, the Rockies have a protected first round pick in the event that they do nab one of these players, meaning they would only have to surrender a second round pick.

With more in-depth analysis to come, here is a list of the players whom the Rockies should target, in order of importance to the team.

5. Brian McCann – he is only worth a brief mention because he would fill such an obvious need for the Rockies as a big bat and competent defender behind the plate. Unfortunately he will be way, way, way out of their price range. Even though the Rockies have money to spend, they still aren’t going to winning any bidding wars with teams like the Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, and New York Yankees. Plus he would probably hate certain members of the Rockies because they flip their bats and stuff.

4. Curtis Granderson – also a long shot to make the move from the biggest market in New York to the relative obscurity of Colorado, but he would fill the need for a bat in the outfield. Somewhat problematic would be the number of games he missed due to injury this past season, something the Rockies must always be aware of. But he can thump, and he has a lot of character and clubhouse leadership skills, which we all know the Rockies love.

3. Ubaldo Jimenez – awkward? Sure. And maybe those wounds are so fresh that it is a bad idea. To my memory Thomas Harding of was the first to suggest making a run at Ubaldo this off-season. Presumably the strong Latin presence on the Rockies would be a benefit to easing any bad vibes. We already know that he is capable of succeeding at Coors Field. Heck, it’s interesting to think about, right?

2. Kendrys Morales – a switch hitting power hitter who fills the most glaring need on the roster (first base) and knocked 23 home runs and 80 RBI playing half of his games in Seattle. It all makes sense, right?

1. Mike Napoli – the big catch for the Colorado Rockies as things stand now. They will be up against it in terms of the money it will take and the teams who are interested (namely Napoli’s current squad, the World Champion Red Sox). You can hardly overstate what a get he would be for the Rockies. This team needs more power, which he would bring with his 23 home runs and 92 RBI. They need to fill the void at first base and they would love to do so with a competent defender. Napoli made the transition to this position surprisingly well; I was really struck by some of the picks he made during the World Series.

He will be the biggest name for whom the Rockies push, and rightfully so.