Kyle Parker, Tyler Matzek will play in Arizona Fall League All-Star Game


Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

As high draft picks for a Colorado Rockies organization that has whiffed on a lot of high draft picks lately, there is going to be a lot of pressure on Kyle Parker and Tyler Matzek in the coming years. What’s more, each has the potential to fill a gigantic need for the team if they can break through. So it is significant to hear that both players have been selected to participate in the Arizona Fall League All-Star game this Saturday. 

For Matzek it’s obvious. Rockies fans watch organizations like the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, and at least part of that success can be attributed to their ability to develop young pitchers. Each season it seems like they have two or three guys who have an impact upon arrival. You know, the guy you’ve never heard of who has absolutely nasty stuff and gives the team a huge boost, all while the rest of us wonder, “where did he come from?” At some point the Rockies need a guy to break through like that, and it would sure be nice if it was Matzek.

As for Parker, he was drafted in the first round to be a power bat, something the Rockies have surprisingly been lacking from time to time over the last number of years. That he might bring that pop in the outfield would have been enough, but then there have been rumblings recently about him possibly playing some first base. For the 2014 season the Rockies will likely seek a short-term solution, whether through a first base signing or by signing an outfielder and moving Michael Cuddyer to first. In either case, that still leaves the long term to be accounted for. If that long term guy could become Parker, and he could become a fixture as a productive first baseman…well, that would seriously be huge for this franchise.

That’s down the road. For now we will take this news as a good sign for both Matzek and Parker.