Being OK With The Boston Red Sox Winning The World Series


Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Red Sox fans are insufferable. They are loud and overrun opposing stadiums, many of them with an arrogance that can’t be matched. They are impatient and entitled when their team is good. When their team slips as it did in 2012, then they want to be the lovable losers again, the most tortured fan base again. Some of this perception stems from the coverage their team receives in such a big market and with so much history, but just as much of it stems from flat-out annoying behavior.

Every season has to have a thing, some reason that nobody believed in the Red Sox or some reason that they are a bunch of misfits or cast-offs. It worked when they broke the curse in 2004, but every other year it has just been manufactured and kind of obnoxious. There is always a narrative, always some reason that this team is epic. Look no further than the sudden focus this season on the fact that they hadn’t clinched at home in over 90 years. I get how staggering that number is, and I get the significance of Fenway Park as one of baseball’s only remaining historic parks. Even still I cannot get on board with any form of a “now Boston fans can finally celebrate narrative” when this is their third world championship since the year 2000.

Are some of these comments made from a position of jealousy? You bet. Is it sour grapes? Probably. But the fact is, I find it tough to take when the Red Sox are really good…

…except for this season.

It’s freaking awesome that they won, in Boston, in front of the city of Boston’s citizens. It’s incredible, really. As a reminder, this was April of this season:

So look, I’m not going to try and make this grander than it is or use the word “transcend” to describe a game or anything else. There’s no need. All you have to say is that you’re happy for Boston fans. And I am.