Weekend Links: Rockies News 10/27


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies are in the midst of assessing their various options for this off-season. In the meantime, the baseball world is buzzing because of a strange ending to game 3 of the 2013 World Series. If you missed it, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Boston Red Sox on a walk-off obstruction call. Here’s what else is happening around MLB this Sunday morning:

From Troy Renck: Troy Tulowitzki to Cardinals? Put it to rest (Denver Post)

"It raised the question that has been simmering since last October: Why isn’t Troy Tulowitzki here?“He would fit perfectly with the Cardinals, who have the prospects to make a mega deal happen, starting with first baseman Matt Adams and some mix of outfielder Stephen Piscotti, second baseman Kolton Wong and reliever Carlos Martinez.“The reason it hasn’t and is not expected to this winter? Rockies owner Dick Monfort has said he will not trade Tulo or Carlos Gonzalez during the offseason. Tulo is working out in Las Vegas, with a singled-minded focus on having his best offseason.”"

From Drew Creasman: Sunday Rockpile: Measuring Defense (Purple Row)

"The fact is, in baseball it’s nearly impossible to watch every player on every team an equal amount over a 162 game schedule. On top of that, our eyes often lie to us depending on what we were looking for in the first place and human beings have proven a propensity to remember the occasionally spectacular over the consistently very good.“This partially explains how Eric Young Jr. ended up on this year’s list of Gold Glove nominees. A lot of eyes saw him make a few spectacular plays that would likely not have needed to be so if played by a left-fielder with better anticipation and route running abilities. Conversely, relatively few eyes witnessed how lost he looked on so many plays in the Coors outfield.”"

From Michael Rosenberg: A confusing situation produces a moment of clarity for Jim Joyce (SI.com)

"Jim Joyce was right.“There is really not much doubt about that. The question is: Did you want him to be right? Is an umpire’s job to be right, or to stay out of the way?“There has never been a moment quite like this in the World Series. A game ending on an obstruction call at third base? Seriously?“How did it happen? Well, you can trace a straight line from Joyce, standing at third base in St. Louis, all the way back to June 2, 2010, when Joyce was standing at first base in Detroit.”"

From Craig Calcaterra: The night John Farrell embraced chaos (HardballTalk)

"But then baseball happened. And baseball, no matter how much we think we know about it — no matter how much authority, earned or otherwise, we assert with respect to it — occasionally says “ha.” It reminds us that almost all predictions are just guesses. Educated guesses at times, but still just guesses because anything can happen. Balls get through a first baseman’s legs in Game 6 of the World Series. Near-cripples hit home runs off Dennis Eckersley in his prime. Nothing so grand as that happened here, but what seemed highly improbable became reality: Martinez and Rosenthal blew it. The Red Sox dinked, plunked and doinked their way back into a 4-4 tie. Take that probabilities. Chaos will have its way."