Would Rockies call on Tim Lincecum?


– USA Today Sports

That was the question posed to Troy Renck of the Denver Post earlier this afternoon. It is a legitimate question, after all. The Colorado Rockies are in desperate need of another starting pitcher, and Lincecum is a free agent. 2013 was enough of an up-and-down season for Timmy that he might be in the Rockies’ price range (although it would still probably be a stretch).

Let’s just say that I do not care for Tim Lincecum. At all. This video clip has a lot to do with why:

Honest question: if the umpire had pretended to switch balls, and then had thrown the same one back to Timmy, would he have actually noticed and thrown it back again? Well, for those of us who do not want to see Lincecum in Colorado for simple dislike, Renck was kind enough to nip that rumor in the bud.

Lincecum might have good reasons not to like it: in his career he is 6-4 in 14 starts at Coors Field with a 4.52 ERA. He has surrendered 41 earned runs there, the most of any ballpark in which he has pitched. Maybe if the Rockies assured him that he would get all “unjuiced” balls in all of his starts? Maybe? Meh, that’s alright…

I will close with my favorite Tim Lincecum stat: he has surrendered eight home runs in 14 career starts at Coors Field, tied for most of any ballpark at which he has started a game. The best part: he has also surrendered eight home runs in 14 career starts at Petco Park in San Diego. This is an utter cherry-pick of a statistic for my own enjoyment, as he has pitched much better overall in San Diego than he has in Colorado. Ask me if I feel bad about it. Go ahead, ask me…

You enjoy that little nugget of information for the rest of your day. I know I will.