Jose Canseco As Colorado Rockies Hitting Coach?


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

So I just had an adventurous 20 minutes or so on the internet. As is my usual practice, I was scrolling through the Twitter accounts that I have organized into a Rockies list. There were some comments on last night’s playoff games, some tweets about the team’s search for a big bat, and then…

…grumblings about Jose Canseco as the next hitting coach?

I took to Google and searched Canseco’s name. I clicked “News.” I came up with nothing. Confusion. How could my Rockies tweeps be talking about this issue, that has to do with a name-guaranteed-to-go-viral, and I can’t even find a story about it? What the heck?

And then I realized my error…it was a rookie mistake, really. If Jose Canseco’s name is swirling, the first place to look is always Canseco’s (verified) Twitter account. And there it was.

As far as knowledge of swings and approaches at the plate, I really cannot speak to the merits of Canseco’s candidacy for this type of role. But the Rockies are a franchise that values stability, loyalty, and predictability. Respectfully, I am going to say that Canseco probably does not bring those qualities to the table. But hey, maybe I’m wrong…

The likely outcome here is that this story will only be a story insofar as we all say, “Look at the crazy thing Jose Canseco said.” But hey, at least he has good company when it comes to trying to get a job via Twitter.

Never change guys.