That’s Busta, Todd, Not Buster


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sport

It has been refreshing to hear Todd Helton open up a little bit in the time since he announced his retirement before season’s end. I think it meant a lot to Rockies fan to hear him say thank you in so many ways after a long career, and now in the first days of retired life, he is staying in touch.

He recently spoke out in defense of his good buddy Peyton Manning after Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay complained about only winning one Super Bowl during Manning’s tenure there. And he was kind enough to keep us appraised, via Troy Renck of the Denver Post, about what he’s been up to in retirement so far.

The answer? Riding horses.

He talked specifically about how he has been enjoying the gift he received from the Colorado Rockies before his final game at Coors Field:

"Helton said he has been enjoying retirement, often riding around his ranch with the champion horse, Tru Bustamove, that was given to him by Rockies owner Dick Monfort as a retirement gift before the final home game of his 17-year career.‘Buster is unbelievable to ride,’ Helton said. ‘I am no expert in horses, but he’s like driving a Ferrari.'”"

That’s all great Todd, but it’s Busta, not Buster. One could reasonably suspect that Helton was reluctant to indulge the “Tru Bustamove” name, and now we have confirmation of that fact.

Seriously though, it would be great if this trend continued and we got to hear Helton’s voice on Denver sports issues every now and then. One would imagine that he might be able to cut through some of the fluff when it comes to the assessments of his franchise once he is no longer a player there. We’ll see if that’s the case, but Helton has always come off as honest and to the point, so I hope we get to continue what he has to say…even if it is in between rides on Busta (not Buster).