Walt Weiss Contract Tracker


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I am a huge Walt Weiss fan. I think it’s cool that he’s the manager of the Colorado Rockies, and while he was not an overwhelming success in his first season at the helm, I think he has earned more time to turn things around for the last place team. So yes, it is newsworthy that management is reportedly close to a multi-year deal with him.

Having said that…

…This story is so boring.

We know he earned another shot. So beyond knowing that he will be back, there isn’t much of a story here. We know the Rockies have to get better. Some people wanted it to matter that he only got a one year deal upon his initial hire. Now some people will want it to matter that he is now getting a multi-year deal. To all of this I say…

Whatever. None of it matters.

If Weiss does well, he will stay. If things collapse, he will be gone. If I have learned anything in my time as a sports fan/blogger/writer guy, it’s that contracts for managers/coaches mean absolutely nothing. Nothing.

Nothing. And it all changes in an instant, and when it does, nobody gives a hoot about the length of the contract or really anything else for that matter.

If we want to glean some sort of symbolism from whether or not it is a one-year or multi-year deal, that’s fine. But otherwise, there’s nothing to see here.