Carlos Gonzalez Will Not Have Surgery On Finger


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rockies’ outfielder Carlos Gonzalez had more time this month to stall on this decision, but he announced today that he will opt for rest and not surgery as the course of action for his troublesome right finger.

CarGo explained the decision to the Denver Post’s Troy Renck, who first reported the news:

"“I went to Arizona, and played and it felt fine. It has gotten a lot better. I am going to rest it and I should be good to go for spring training…“…The doctor (a hand specialist in Cleveland) said to avoid surgery if I can. That’s what I am going to do…”I let it go. They were checking my finger all the time. And the only thing was that it was a little stiff from inactivity. I played the way I normally play. I wanted to see if it would get worse. But there was no swelling after the games like there was during the season…“…I usually start my hitting program in November. I will just give it an extra month and I believe it will be good. I will be still be able to work out, I just will start hitting a little later, that’s all.”"

So there is the plan of action. I find comfort in knowing that he is making an effort to heed the advice of a hand specialist, and it sounds like the risk of re-injury was going to be there either way (and possibly worse with surgery, if it was to be avoided).

The Rockies need Carlos Gonzalez healthy, and they need him to be the kind of player that sets him apart from other outfielders. This pesky injury is unpredictable enough that we probably have not heard the last of it, but hopefully an off-season of rest will set up CarGo for the 2014 season in good health.