Todd Helton Calls Into Mike And Mike Show


Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. Image: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re at all familiar with the national slate of morning sports talk on the radio, then you know Mike & Mike In The Morning on ESPN. Greeney and Golic have been helping people through their morning routines for as long as I can remember.

If you’re an avid listener, then you know that ESPN baseball analyst Jayson Stark provides a rare interruption to the NFL talk on Mike and Mike each Tuesday morning with a trivia question. These often have to do with lofty career accomplishments that have been achieved by only a few players. Over time, Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton has been one of the answers so many times that he is now affectionately referred to as the “Human Trivia Answer.”

Today, in Helton’s last week as a Major League Baseball player, he made a special appearance on Mike and Mike for Tuesday’s Stark trivia.

There is something to be admired in the way Helton is handling himself in these last couple weeks. Knowing what we know about Helton and his discomfort with being in the spotlight, there is something oddly selfless about his decision to put himself out there a little more. Presumably he would have preferred to wait until the quiet of the off-season to officially announce his retirement, but was persuaded to announce it now so that fans had the chance to honor him and see him off. Even recently he said he “doesn’t know what to do” during the standing ovations from the Coors Field faithful.

This is outside of Helton’s comfort zone, and yet he’s doing it anyway because he knows that those around him, his fans, teammates, and organization, want him to get some well-deserved recognition on his way out.

It might sound crazy to say that a guy is selfless for being the recipient of public praise, but if we know anything about Todd Helton, we know that is exactly the case.

You can listen to to the Mike and Mike segment by clicking here.