Rockies Defeat Orioles Behind Nicasio, Barrage Of Home Runs


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

When I saw that Juan Nicasio was slated to pitch Friday night, I cringed and hoped that the good version of Nicasio would show up. The one who throws nasty sinking fastballs and not the one who sprays those fastballs and then gets exposed for not having a secondary pitch. I didn’t get my hopes up.

Nicasio was masterful, going six innings and allowing only four hits.

When I saw that Charlie Culberson was in the lineup again, starting in left field again, I rolled my eyes. I understand that Baltimore’s starter Wei-Yin Chen is left-handed, but still. It’s Charlie Culberson. Should he really be starting this frequently when Corey Dickerson is arguably the talk of the team right now?

Culberson knocked a home run in the 6th inning to tie the game at 2.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to watch Todd Helton bat these days. He holds his hands lower and it is still clear sometimes that he simply cannot catch up to big league fastballs. I will never, ever be OK with that visual. I still get my hopes up when Helton’s at the plate, mainly because I can’t help it. I have too many memories of good things happening when he is up to shake that feeling. Unfortunately the rewards come far less often these days.

You better believe Helton hit a home run to add some insurance in the 9th inning of this game. And it was awesome.

When I saw that the Baltimore Orioles, a team hanging on in the American League playoff picture, were coming home after a third consecutive walk-off loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks, I figured that did not bode well for the Rockies getting a rare win on the road.

The Rockies won, and they did it with authority.

All of this came together for a 6-3 Rockies victory. The team has now won six of their last seven and will try to keep the good times going on the road tonight in Baltimore.