Chad Bettis: Let’s Try That Again


Chad Bettis struggled in his debut against the Atlanta Braves. Image: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The hype leading up to a prospect’s debut can build in a hurry. For Chad Bettis‘s part, it was the glowing reports on his stuff that made his Major League debut last night noteworthy. Additionally, manager Walt Weiss compared him to current Rockies starter Tyler Chatwood, a compliment that has transformed into the highest of accolades over the course of this season.

So often the hype leads to a clunk, as the young starter fights his nerves and/or his command because it’s his first time on a big league mound. Both of those factors were in play for Bettis on Thursday, but neither was his biggest problem.

His biggest problem was the fact that the Atlanta Braves are obliterating baseballs right now. They continued that trend in the game following their four game sweep of the Rockies.

The Braves have won eight straight games, and while most of the damage was done against Colorado, it is still worth noting that they have scored 57 runs in those eight wins.

It would be great to see Bettis improve his command next time out, leave fewer pitches up in the zone and issue fewer walks. Other than that, it’s hard to hold it against him that he got roughed up by the Braves.

Let’s get him on the mound again opposite the New York Mets, and let’s try that again.