Rockies Express Interest In Brian Wilson


Brian Wilson when we last saw him with the San Francisco Giants. Image: Kyle Terada – USA Today Sports


According to the Denver Post, a Major League #source confirmed that the Colorado Rockies were among eight (count them eight!) teams interested in the services of former Giants closer Brian Wilson.

#Sources report that the animated closer got his fastball up into the 90-93 MPH range. If it’s moving and he can locate it (no guarantee with him), then he can be an upgrade to just about any bullpen in the league.

Wilson has had Tommy John surgery twice and has not pitched in over a year. So on the one hand it is understandable that teams are aggressive in their pursuit of him, because it’s not very often that there is a free agent with a proven track record available at this point in the season. On the other hand, it might be a bit ambitious to presume that he can just step in and start locking down the back end of meaningful baseball games.

#Sources confirm that Wilson is scheduled to throw again Sunday, and that the Pirates, Diamondbacks, A’s, Giants, Phillies, Rangers and Cardinals are among the other teams interested. It would certainly be interesting if he returned to San Francisco or joined the Rockies or Diamondbacks in the NL West. But one other thing…

The Cardinals?! Seriously guys? You’re allowing 3.57 runs per game, second to only the Pittsburgh Pirates. Quit being greedy.

Back to the Rockies: does anybody have any doubt that Wilson, even if he is 70% of his former self, is an upgrade over Wilton Lopez? Anybody?

I’ll go one step further: my #sources confirm that just about any warm-bodied relief pitcher would be an upgrade over poor Wilton Lopez at the moment.