Finally Some Rockies Baseball, Plus Pitching


Chatwood and the Colorado Rockies defeated the Milwaukee Brewers Friday night. Image: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night, after the lowest scoring four game series in Coors Field history, the Rockies opened up a three game series against the Milwaukee Brewers. On the mound for Colorado was Tyler Chatwood (6-3) who in his last three starts had only given up four earned runs. Opposite Chatwood was Willy Peralta (7-9), who had been even hotter with an ERA of 0.31 in the month of July.

Bittersweet is the fact that Chatwood’s seven inning, 11 strikeout (career high), two run outing is not the story of the night, but rather that the Rockies found where the bats were hidden in the month of July. They were in the Humidor under some boxes. In the 8-3 victory the Rockies would hit around and score four runs in two different innings.

In the bottom of the second inning the Rockies would compile two walks, four hits, and a hit by pitch. The biggest blow in the inning was struck by Chatwood, who doubled in two runs on a 1-0 count. That is correct, it took a pitcher to spark an offensive explosion for Colorado. The lineup would repeat that performance in the fourth inning with another five hits, one walk, and a little help from the defense with an error. All four runs scored in the fourth were driven in on either singles or balls that ended up not being hits.

Here is just how good it went for the offense: Chatwood finished 2-2 with a 2B, 2 RBI and a sacrifice bunt. While DJ LeMahieu finished the game 0-5, he was credited with 2 RBI and a run scored.

So much went well for the Rockies Friday night, it would be hard not to think that this was the game that will lead to the hot streak. You know the kind of streak that makes everybody forget about Yasiel Puig, and gets the Rockies back into being rarely mentioned on national TV as opposed to not at all.