Drew Pomeranz Heads To DL

Drew Pomeranz

was placed on the disabled list today. Image: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Would anybody be surprised if Drew Pomeranz has made his last appearance in a Rockies uniform this year? Is there really any value in having him get beat up on the big league level, even if it is in September?

For my part, I thought that calling up Pomeranz would be the acquisition for the Rockies. As in, he would be that final piece, that guy who fortified the rotation and turned the Rockies into full blown contenders.

We all know how that worked out.

Pomeranz’s utter inability to throw strikes might have been the result of him turning into a bust. It might have been the sign of a young man who still isn’t quite ready. Or it might have been an injury.

Sad though it is, an injury is probably the rosiest of those options, and it’s in play after the news that Pomeranz will hit the disabled list with a left bicep injury.

That McHugh would be Collin McHugh, the pitcher the Rockies received in the trade for Eric Young Jr. The nice thing for him is, there will literally be no pressure on him when he starts against the Milwaukee Brewers Saturday night. Unlike Pomeranz or Roy Oswalt before him, McHugh is not expected to be a key member of the rotation.

Now if he wants to transform into a key member of the starting rotation, well, that would be just fine.