Michael Cuddyer Placed On Disabled List


It took three missed starts and then the Rockies had no choice but to make it official. Michael Cuddyer, who splits his time between first base and right field and is one of the keys to a successful lineup, was forced to the disabled list Saturday by a disc issue in his neck.

Those who hoped to see Charlie Blackmon or Tyler Colvin up with the Rockies certainly did not want it to happen in this context. It would have been nice to see Blackmon up to supplement the heart of this order rather than trying to replace Cuddyer’s production.

Cuddy. Image: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The decision to bring up Blackmon instead of Colvin means that Jordan Pacheco is in line for significant playing time at first base; he will be there anytime that Todd Helton cannot make a start. It also means that Eric Young Jr. will no longer have an exclusive claim to spot starts in the outfield. Depending on how playing time goes in the coming days, it might not be long before the Rockies also need Colvin for his bat and for his ability to play in those spots.

We always knew the Rockies could not afford injuries to their two best players, Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez. Now we will see how they do with an injury to their third best player and one of their most productive hitters in 2013.