Rockies Sweep Freezing Doubleheader Against Mets


It was one of those funny days where it almost did not feel like Major League Baseball. There were so few fans and, at moments, such a lack of energy in the freezing cold that it was hard to imagine these teams were playing in the same league as those in stadiums full of lively crowds.

Snow. Cold. Image: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

But hey, these games counted just the same as the others, and that means the Colorado Rockies are now 10-4 on the season. This is their second five-game winning streak, and the team continues to win in different ways. They won the first game handily by a score of 8-4, thanks in large part to the offensive outputs of Eric Young Jr. and Carlos Gonzalez and a clutch hit from Todd Helton. They won the second game 9-8 in walk-off fashion thanks to some stellar work from the bullpen and a winning single from Jordan Pacheco.

The Rockies did not get stellar starting pitching in either game. Jeff Francis, in particular, was disastrous in the nightcap. At moments the Rockies mashed the ball and looked like the #BlakeStreetBullies. At others they simply benefited from a good approach, putting the ball in play, and taking advantage of some good luck. The second victory was truly a game the team stole. Down 8-2 thanks to bad defense and bad starting pitching, it would have been easy to leave the Rockies for dead. After all, that is the formula that dragged the team to 98 losses one year ago. The fact that they worked all the way back, whether it was with the help of Mets errors or not, is a great feeling.

Having said that, the Mets won’t get much sleep tonight. They had no business losing game two of this sometimes snowy twin-billing.

With the home-stand’s schedule somehow still on track, the Rockies will hope to continue their winning ways with Jon Garland on the mound tomorrow.