Rockies Trade Ramon Hernandez To Dodgers


I’m not going to make any official predictions, but it at least seems less likely that Ramon Hernandez will blow up and make the Rockies pay for trading him within the division ala Marco Scutaro. ” Happy Feet” Hernandez is now a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In exchange the Rockies receive Aaron Harang, who actually might have been a good fit as another veteran place-holder in the rotation. It appears that is not the plan, however.

Harang was immediately designated for assignment, meaning that this move is primarily a financial one (which we have known it would be for a while). It seems that any value in return for Hernandez would be good value, especially in the form of a starting pitcher. The Rockies apparently believe they can flip Harang for younger talent and, if not, they will just take the financial relief.

Hernandez. Image: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Either way, the Ramon Hernandez era in Colorado is over. So clutch your sore back/hamstring/hand, chop your feet nervously as you get into bed, and do something else really slowly tonight in his honor…because then, difficult though it may be, we must all find a way to move on.