Aaron Cook Signs Minor League Deal With Rockies


There looked to be an opening for Aaron Cook to make the team with the Philadelphia Phillies this spring. When that did not work out, he hit the open market as a minor league option/depth options for most teams. And you better believe the Colorado Rockies jumped on it:

Plenty of people will disagree with and criticize this move. Rightfully so. In the spirit of trying to prove that hope truly does spring eternal this time of year, I am going to recount for you all the good things about Aaron Lane Cook.

Cook is back. Image: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Start with his middle name. Lane. That’s awesome.

He wears high socks.

At one point he figured out how to survive and even succeed at Coors Field.

He has a rad goatee (not to be confused with a red goatee, which he also has).

He is a sneaky good hitter.

He ripped it up in the All Star Game that one year.

In a way, he and the Rockies grew up together.

And now he’s back. Whether or not this signing matters will depend on a number of factors, health among them. So in a way, we want this signing not to matter to the Rockies this season. But it’s never bad to see an old friend, right?