Colorado Rockies Entertain…with Roster and Commercial


Dear RoxPile faithful:
Another day, another deal for Dealin’ Danny eh? I promised myself that I wouldn’t write another article on the despair that is Rockies pitching, so I won’t. I will say that I was red-stove piping-hot old-1912-grandma style mad yesterday when I found out the Rockies had Jon Garland in the clubhouse for a physical. Words do not describe my feelings when they announced signing him to a big league deal. I was at the bottom of all emotion when I later read that Daisuke Matsuzaka was released by the Indians. I know, I know — Dice-K is going to restructure and resign with Cleveland but if the Rox were going to pick someone up.. why not someone else??

Whatever. Moving on.

Mar 1, 2013; Salt River Pima-Maricopa, AZ, USA; Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (right) blows a bubble in the dugout during the fifth inning against the Milwaukee Brewers at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockies recently released their 2013 commercial set that will be broadcast regularly on ROOT sports during the upcoming season. I love the Rockies commercials, they are always a kick. Sometimes a little overdone, I’ll admit, but they usually are pretty good for a bunch of ball players. Some favorites from years past include the Fantasy Fan draft (2012), How to Steal a Base (2012), & Huddle at the Pulpit (2009), though the list could be much longer.I have to say that this year the commercials are a little below par from what we are used to. A little disappointed by Dexter’s claim to Real Estate, and by the EY Home Run… though Bitchette teaching mullet maintenance and the faceoff between El Matador Vinny and Baby Bull Wilin are hilarious and pretty much make up for it. Check them out for yourselves if you haven’t already (might have to scroll down just a little bit to see the video library)!

And please, keep a close watch on all your Rockies friends. I feel each of us are inching closer to suicide watch and we haven’t even seen a regular season pitch yet. Overreaction? Sure.