De La Rosa, Tulowitzki Shine In Win Over Cubs


They are two of the highest paid players on the Rockies roster. They are two of the most important players on the roster. Both entered spring surrounded by uncertainty about their health and, beyond that, their status with the franchise.

Not pictured: Tulo in the game today. Image: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For now we will stay laser-focused on one day and note that Jorge De La Rosa and Troy Tulowitzki played outstanding baseball in the Rockies’ 2-0 victory over the Chicago Cubs at Ho Ho Kam Park on Wednesday. De La Rosa, who has struggled with his command, mechanics, pacing, approach, and just about everything else this spring, finally put together a good outing. He went 4 scoreless innings and struck out 6 hitters. This is the guy the Rockies need their $11 million man to be. Be consistent, miss some bats, and look enough like an ace to do some heavy lifting at the top of the rotation.

Tulowitzki went 2-for-2 with a sacrifice fly, drove in both runs, and he continues to run, stop, and slide like a guy who is completely healthy. So for now, it’s all good. For now…

Also worth noting is the continued strong pitching of one Manuel Corpas. He went two more scoreless innings on Wednesday. As Joel noted last week, Corpas is showing a lot of signs that he can be an effective reliever for the Rockies. His pitches are showing some nice sink and his versatility is certainly a pleasant surprise. Is it weird to think that the closer for the 2007 World Series team might be a long (ish) reliever on this team who often works multiple innings? You bet it’s weird…but that’s where we’re at right now.

The Rockies have Thursday off and then resume Cactus League action Friday night against the Cincinnati Reds.