Chacin And De La Rosa To Make Spring Debuts Tuesday


Let’s all make an agreement.

We all promise to resist the temptation to overreact to the results of today’s Spring Training game against the Chicago Cubs.

I’m serious. You have to promise. Swear on your most cherished piece of Rockies memorabilia (if it’s something like a Brad Hawpe or Garrett Atkins jersey T-shirt, that’s OK too).

Before Spring Training is over we will have exhausted ourselves talking about the importance of starting pitchers Jhoulys Chacin and Jorge De La Rosa. On a staff that has no “true ace,” these two guys have ace stuff. Maybe neither will be expected to carry the staff or the expectations that come with the “ace” designation, but if they both pitch well they can transform this starting rotation from awful to average (don’t underestimate what a leap that would be).

De La Rosa and Chacin take the mound today. Image:

Put another way: if neither have them has a good/healthy/productive season, the Rockies are doomed and they might lose 95+ games again.

Today both pitchers will take the mound for the first time in 2013 Cactus League action. No matter the results, either direction, it is important to not overreact. If they pitch well, it does not mean we should start talking about this team winning the division. If they pitch poorly, it does not mean we should start waving the white flag and making plans for the team to trade Troy Tulowitzki.

Let’s just give it some time…unless one of them tweaks an injury…in which case…

You know what, I don’t want to talk about it.