Colorado Rockies 2013: Take The Over


Over at FanGraphs Dave Cameron rounded up the first over/under numbers for win totals for each Major League team. The Colorado Rockies came in at 71.5 wins.

Take the over.

Look for Pacheco and the Rockies to surpass 71.5 wins. Image: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

That is no small measure of optimism, by the way. You have to make a significant departure from the doom and gloom that otherwise accompanies projects for the Rockies this season. The rough and ragged predictions that have the Rockies losing close to 100 games for a second consecutive year require a certain amount of lubrication to make things smooth and buy into a positive outlook.

By the way, that “optimistic” outlook still probably only gets you to like 75 wins. If that doesn’t sum up the state of the Rockies, I don’t know what does.

Here are the other over/under numbers for the National League West:

Los Angeles Dodgers: 90

San Francisco Giants: 86

Arizona Diamondbacks: 81.5

San Diego Padres: 74.5

Starting from the bottom, I would push with the Padres if it was possible for teams to win/lose half games. Instead I’ll take the over and put them at 75 with the Rockies (a 4th place tie!). The Diamondbacks were somewhat disappointing last season and finished at 81-81. It feels like they will be at least handful of wins better than that this year. Give me the over.

The Giants won 94 games last year; I know better than to doubt them at this point. Even if it is not reasonable to expect them to catch lightning in a bottle again with guys like Marco Scutaro, that organization is just too solid. I hate how solid and deep they are, by the way. Even with some question marks entering the season, they’ll find a way like they always find a way. 93-94 wins again in 2013.

How about the Dodgers at 90? Is it crazy to think two teams in the National League West will win over 90 games? Regardless of results there will be hype with this team. Lots and lots of hype. I’m not sure if Don Mattingly is built to handle that and I’m not sure if the bullpen will hold up. But I also wouldn’t be totally surprised if they were a force right away this season. I will hesitantly take the under for now.

One final note: the Phillies at 81.5? I’ll take the way under, please. Get real.