Imagine Yorvit Torrealba’s First Day Back With The Rockies


Whatever happens in 2013, catcher Yorvit Torrealba owns some memorable images in the Colorado Rockies history book. The image of him rounding first, hand in the air, after hitting a playoff home run in the rain against the Arizona Diamondbacks, immediately comes to mind. Somehow Torrealba always found himself in the heart of the two recent successful seasons for this otherwise struggling franchise.

Torrealba, Rockies legend. Image: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

You cannot overstate how different the context is for Torrealba this time around. Look no further than the other catchers on the roster this time around as compared to his previous stint. In the past the catcher situation was pretty simple.

Yorvit: Hey, so is that bald catcher who is supposed to start still here?

His name is Chris Iannetta, and you’re right, he should be starting. 

Now things are, shall we say, more complicated. And the catcher position certainly enjoys less stability these days.

Yorvit: So there is that one really old guy who is here to provide stability, right?

Do you mean you, Yorvit?

Yorvit: No this guy is way older than me. 

Ah, Ramon Hernandez. But he’s only two years older than you, bro.

Yorvit: And then there is that young kid who is still learning how to play the position.

Yes, you are thinking of Jordan Pacheco. He is a utility player who is learning to catch as a way to gain more at-bats

Yorvit: Noo….not him. This guy, he seriously looks like he’s never caught before. I’m talking passed ball after passed ball after passed ball…

Oh! Wilin Rosario. He’s the starting catcher for this team. He’s rough around the edges behind the plate, sure, but he has some pop at the plate. The Rockies need that bat in the…

Yorvit: …he starts?!? No wonder you guys signed two veteran mentor guys. I like my chances.