Remembering My Post-Rocktober Sports Talk Hiatus


The Denver Broncos lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Baltimore Ravens nine days ago. Today was the first day since that loss that I was willing to watch Sportscenter or listen to any national radio shows.

I didn’t want to hear about Peyton Manning playing in the cold. I didn’t want to hear the criticism of John Fox for taking a knee at the end of the 4th quarter. I didn’t want to hear about the ridiculously bad secondary play on that late touchdown. I didn’t want to hear about Peyton Manning’s career playoff record or the fact that he doesn’t get it done in big games.

I’m not sure how, but this picture of Brad Hawpe seems fitting. Image: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

To clarify, I’m not saying those criticisms and arguments are not valid. I’m just saying that I didn’t want to listen to them.

This experience reminded me of the other time in my life that I completely quit sports talk for a week (or longer). That would be in 2007, when the Colorado Rockies were swept by the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. That loss ended Rocktober and brought our hopes of a championship in Colorado to a devastating halt.

I didn’t want to hear that the Rockies were a fluke. I didn’t want to hear the phrase “one hit wonder.” I didn’t want to fuel my own discontent about an east coast bias (because I was confident that the national commentators who were discrediting the Rockies had actually watched a maximum of 8 of their games that season). I didn’t want to hear that the Rockies wouldn’t be back. I didn’t want to hear about how there was a reason that nobody had heard of half the roster. And on and on.

Once again, I’m not saying the criticism is inaccurate. Shoot, look at the Rockies. Even look at that 2007 team and how different it was when it made the playoffs in 2009. They absolutely were a one hit wonder (I refuse to say the “fluke” word, though).

Sports talk is my jam. It is the soundtrack to my days and it has gotten me through many shifts at many jobs and many days at school. I love it on its best days and I tolerate it on its less appealing days. It pains me to not listen if I am able. But sometimes I see no other option. That was the case with the Broncos this week, and that was the case with Rocktober.