Yorvit Torrealba Returning To Rockies?


If it worked when the Rockies made the playoffs before, it has to work again…right?

Manuel “don’t call me Manny” Corpas, Jeff Francis, and now Yorvit Torrealba? Don’t forget that Kaz Matsui was back in the fold not that long ago. I would make a Garrett Atkins joke, but I think it’s too soon.

Torrealba has kicked around the league since leaving Colorado. Image: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

If Torrealba joins the Rockies on a minor league contract (Thomas Harding reports they have made an offer to the veteran catcher), it will be decidedly different than his previous tenure in a number of ways. Perhaps most importantly, he would not block the way for a young catcher with a higher ceiling this time around. Presumably the Rockies consider him an alternative if Ramon Hernandez performs another disappearing act this season as a support/mentor for Wilin Rosario.

Most recently Yorvit Torrealba played for the

Toronto Blue Jays

Milwaukee Brewers. Raise your hand if you didn’t know that. Be honest!

Somewhat surprisingly, the Rockies face competition from other interested teams, including the Cincinnati Reds.

Torrealba goes about all of his business like he has a chip on his shoulder. You get the feeling that he angrily grabs water bottles when he is thirsty, angrily ties his shoes, and storms into the grocery store when he needs a carton of milk. As I have pointed out with guys like Derek Lowe (yikes…I really did), that edge would not be a bad thing for a Rockies team that needs desperately to dig out of the doldrums of the NL West.

There are lingering feel-good vibes when it comes to Torrealba and the Rockies. He was front and center for both 21st century playoff appearances and successfully escaped a terrifying family crisis with the support of the franchise. He is not necessarily a defensive ace, but any capable catcher should be able to help young Rosario, right? And Yorvit would likely be rejuvenated by a return to Colorado. So while this is not a headline-maker by any means, it would be a solid move by the Rockies if Torrealba accepted their offer.