Colorado Rockies Complete 2013 Coaching Staff


Bad news, Rockies fans. They blew it. It’s over. If you thought 2012 was painful, 2013 will be worse. Everybody involved with the team, from the front office to the coaches to the players, has been dealt a losing hand. It’s done. Over. Doomed. Across Colorful Colorado the collective anguish can be felt as hearts break and tears are shed. The light is not glistening off the mountains quite as brightly on this day.

This picture now contains two former Rockies. It’s a crying shame. Image: Andrew Carpenean-US PRESSWIRE

Why? Because Glenallen Hill has been removed as the team’s first base coach.

Glenallen Hill, a close personal friend of mine, is a winner. He is a leader of men. He inspires his players. He did everything right in 2012, just like he has every season since he joined the coaching staff. To remove him from his post is to write the team’s obituary before the season even starts.

The only acceptable reasons to remove him from first base would be if he was being promoted to manager or returning from retirement to become a player again. Otherwise, it is unacceptable to remove this stylish, charming, and electrifying leader from his spot in the coach’s box. Rene Lachemann will replace Hill, and this is just as unfair to him; it is impossible for anybody to hope they can fill Glenallen’s shoes.

Supposedly Hill will be “reassigned to another job in the organization.” We all know that means nothing. That’s like when a girl breaks up with a guy and, with a falsely sympathetic look in her eyes, she says, “I just hope we can still be friends.” IT NEVER WORKS OUT. EVER. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO GLENALLEN?

The rest of the coaching staff, as if it matters, is as follows:

  • Jim Wright, who has been serving as bullpen coach for the last number of years, will take over as pitching coach. Bo McLaughlin, who was one of the co-pitching coaches this past season, will swap with Wright and work in the bullpen.
  • Stu Cole, who has been working his way up through the organization and most recently was the manager of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, will take over as the third base coach.
  • Jerry Weinstein remains the catching coach. If there is such a thing as a catching coach being on the hot seat, it should be Weinstein after all the wincing, grimacing, and groaning of last season that resulted from Wilin Rosario‘s defensive issues. We need to see improvement in a hurry.

My good friend Glenallen Hill. Image: Hayden Kane

For those keeping track, this staff is made up entirely of internal promotions. The only returning staff member who was demoted, apparently, was Glenallen Hill…Sniff

Hope will not spring eternal in Colorado this season.