Jim Tracy Resigns As Colorado Rockies Manager


We now interrupt the urgent cries of orange-clad Broncos fans as Peyton’s boys battle the New England Patriots to note the end of a complicated era in Colorado sports.

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This after just this morning we were told that no decision on Tracy’s future was expected until Monday. Essentially that leaves us with the age-old but still burning question of whether Tracy made this decision on his own or was forced into it by the Rockies front office.

Or in this case, did Tracy decide to run out of a burning building on his own or was he thrown out the window?

Bye Jim. Image: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

We will probably never get a clear explanation for how we got here, given the organization’s tendency the last few years to talk around issues and be anything but transparent. Between Tracy’s longwindedness and the even more confusing ramblings of this man, I hardly think we will ever understand what was said or not said that led to this decision.

In the end I believe that Tracy’s tenure could have been so much better than what it became. In my mind his 1.5 successful seasons represent the only times I felt the team had a real chance to win the NL West division title. Unfortunately the 2.5 woeful seasons that followed mean that Tracy will be remembered for his fumbling ineptitude more than his success. He certainly deserves the blame for that, but I sincerely wish things had been better and had not gotten away from him and this franchise so quickly.