Jorge De La Rosa At Pitcher, And…Jordan Pacheco At Catcher?


I suppose it is a tough position for the Rockies. Jorge De La Rosa‘s return to the rotation today marks one of the most anticipated individual appearances for the team in recent memory and certainly one of the most anticipated moments of this otherwise forgettable season. The Rockies need to do anything they can to surround De La Rosa with comfort and stability. His performance today is a huge unknown, therefore they need to eliminate any other unknowns that might distract or make this already difficult situation even more challenging. The first place to look would be catcher. Just make sure you have a solid presence behind the plate, a reliable backstop who will help guide him through his first start in well over a year. The reason the Rockies are in a tough position is because both of their options at catcher are…risky.

He’s back today. Image: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

So it is a tough position. Wilin Rosario, the full time catcher at the moment, has struggled so much when it comes to receiving and blocking the ball that it has become a primary talking point for those who cover the team. He is asked about his defensive struggles seemingly every day. So it makes sense to play the other guy, right? Unless…

…the other guy is Jordan Pacheco, who has caught twice all season. Is that a better option than Rosario? Is it scary that we aren’t sure about the answer to that question, that we actually wonder if a catcher who has played twice is a better option than our catcher of the future for a high-leverage game?

I am in favor of Rosario struggling on the field and gaining valuable experience that way. I understand that Pacheco is going to play behind the plate right now for lack of a better option. Any other game and neither of these options seem troublesome. But…

…when it comes to De La Rosa, whose importance to this franchise is without question at this point, both options seem terrible. De La Rosa has enough to worry about as he grinds his way back to his place as a franchise ace. It is less than ideal that he might also have to coddle an inexperienced catcher through the game. Today and only today, I wish the Rockies could bring back Yorvit Torrealba on a one day contract or work out a trade with the Angels to borrow Chris Iannetta for a day and then send him back in time for Friday’s game.

Without placing unnecessary pressure on De La Rosa, we all understand the importance of seeing him on the mound for the Rockies again today. In that context, any other option at catcher seems better than those currently on the roster. Hopefully Pacheco will bring the same grit he has shown all season and stay out of the way for an important moment in an otherwise meaningless game.