NL West News: Melky Cabrera Suspended 50 Games


You know the San Francisco Giants. They are the annoyingly good NL West divisional foes who won the World Series a couple years ago. They are the ones who win with the astoundingly good starting pitching. They are the ones who paid Barry Zito an inordinate amount of money and still have enjoyed a consistently dominant pitching staff.

They wear orange and black. Their fans are fiercely loyal. Their stadium is always cold and always beautiful. Some of their fans wear panda hats. One of their pitchers smokes weed (allegedly).

You know the San Francisco Giants. Their organization, from top to bottom, from general manager to star pitcher to play-by-play announcer, accused the Colorado Rockies of cheating in 2010. They claimed that the Rockies, who keep their baseballs for high altitude home games in a humidor, were sneaking in “juiced” balls for an advantage. In short, they accused the Rockies of cheating.

Their best offensive player, Melky Cabrera, was suspended today for cheating, specifically for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Look, I am not going to celebrate something like this. I am always going to be upset when this happens, regardless of what team the player is on. But maybe this shows that every team should shut up and make sure their own house is in order. Time and again, these disappointing stories show that is plenty to worry about.