Weekly Link Round-Up


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  • You gotta love Jayson Stark, though as often as not these days he’s pointing out things I’d rather not have known about the Rockies. Like this.
  • This has nothing to do with any team or player I care about, but “Dempster Diving?” That is priceless.
  • Are the Phillies interested in Rafael Betancourt? Because, I will take Shane Victorino. Though in that scenario they probably want something like three relievers, and we don’t have that many to spare.
  • This is a horrible, horrible season, but other, much more horrible things have plagued the state of Colorado than an underperforming baseball team. Thankfully, the Rockies were able to forget about their horribleness long enough to reach out to others who need some comfort.
  • Um, no, the Rockies should not trade Jeff Francis. He has been way better than anybody had a right to expect, but not good enough to command a worthwhile return. Of everybody not named Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki, and Carlos Gonzalez, Francis is the absolute last guy the Rockies should trade.
  • I think the only way to feel good about the Rockies right now is to go here. We all know why they’re near the top of this page, but at least they’re near the top of something.