Weekly Link Round-Up


The weekly link round-up is back! See for yourself what my fellow sportswriters have been cooking up.

  • Really, you should read everything Justin Klugh writes, but especially when his Phillies have just played the Rockies.
  • Nolan Arenado is still finding himself on top prospect lists, so don’t give up on him just yet.
  • Prior to the Rockies’ acquisition of Jonathan Sanchez, the Royals’ trade for him was declared “the worst trade of [the] offseason” by Big League Stew. To be fair, they did give up Melky Cabrera for him. Let’s just hope that this most recent trade doesn’t wind up labeled “the worst trade of midseason.”
  • I’m in agreement with Pete Rose not being in the Hall of Fame, but you know what? I would totally watch his reality show.
  • Fangraphs’ Wendy Thurm took a closer look at the failings of Jonathan Sanchez so far this season, particularly the changes in velocity his pitches have undergone. All this seems to make him a total wild card now that he’s come to us.
  • Andrew Martin wrote a defense of Matt Reynolds, a pitcher I regularly feel the need to defend. It’s always nice when you’re on the same page as somebody else.
  • Paul Swydan of Fangraphs is optimistic about the Jonathan Sanchez trade, in that the worst he can really do is be as bad as Jeremy Guthrie was.