Drew Pomeranz Drew Pomeranz Drew Pomeranz

Rockies Lose Another Series At Home


Phillies 5, Rockies 1

Drew Pomeranz only allowed five hits in five innings; problem is he also allowed five runs.

There has been zero consistency within the rotation this season and today was no different. Fresh off a performance on July 6 against the Washington Nationals, where he pitched 6.1 innings, while only giving up one hit, Pomeranz couldn’t duplicate his performance.

Pomeranz pounded the strike zone early, but faltered in the fifth. After giving up a two-out single to Jimmy Rollins, he made a costly error on a pickoff attempt, which allowed Rollins to advance to second. With Rollins at second, Pomeranz walked Shane Victorino and gave up a three-run homer to Hunter Pence.

With Pomeranz losing his rhythm in the fifth, it’s hard not to think that it could be a result to the pitch limit of the four-man rotation. Pomeranz has struggled this season, but there have been promising signs. He now owns a record of 1-4, with a 3.79 ERA, 3.00 at home. He’s only made eight starts this season and hasn’t shown consistency, but he is young and it would be wise for the Rockies to let him pitch the rest of the season.

Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels did what he is known for, as he went eight innings, giving up six hits, allowing one run, while striking out seven.

As the Rockies now sit 1-2 post All-Star break, nothing has changed, nor has the team given any reason to think otherwise. It’s only been three games since the break, but if one win is enough for fans to break out the positive message that this team will get better in the second half, then another lost series at home is enough to show nothing has changed.

With the playoff-contending Pittsburgh Pirates coming into town for a three-game series, the Rockies are facing losing another series at home.