Opposing Team Only Scores Twice on the Rockies: Padres Must Be in Town


Rockies 10, Padres 2

I love playing the Padres. There’s nothing like it when your team is bad and needs an ego boost. And this was a particularly good one.

This win was great for Jeff Francis on a number of levels. For one thing, it was his first win since rejoining the Rockies, as well as his first since September 2011. It must have been discouraging for him to come back to the team and find out that he was only going to be allowed 75 pitches per start, which would severely limit his ability to record a win. So I’m sure it was gratifying for him to throw 82 pitches, complete 6 innings, and not only get the win but allow no runs on 3 hits. In addition to that, he ties Ubaldo Jimenez for third-most wins in franchise history with 56. I think I speak for the vast majority when I say that we’d rather Francis surpass Ubaldo in every possible category.

Not sure I can say the same about Tyler Chatwood, who was called up to replace Edwar Cabrera. Chatwood took over in the 7th and gave up a solo home run to Carlos Quentin. Then he gave up a lead-off double and an RBI single in the 8th and departed without recording an out. I’m not sure Chatwood’s any more ready than Cabrera was. I still haven’t seen him do anything that impressed me very much. Fortunately Francis put in such a good start that Chatwood’s performance wasn’t relevant.

Of course, the Rockies didn’t put up very many runs in the beginning, so it’s a good thing the pitching was mostly good. Other than an RBI groundout in the 1st and an RBI single in the 3rd, they had no run production until the 6th. Credit former Rockie Jason Marquis: I guess Coors Field really isn’t the problem. Coaching is. Marquis wasn’t perfect, though; in that 6th inning he allowed 4 runs. That was partly due to some crummy fielding, but it was also due to a walk, a double, and two triples. Reliever Alex Hinshaw further widened the gap in the 8th when he gave up 2-run blasts to Michael Cuddyer and Wilin Rosario.

When my team scores 10 runs and only gives up 2, I’m happy. Forget that it was the Padres we were playing. At this point, no team is a certain victory, so every victory is worth celebrating.

The series continues tonight with Christian Friedrich going for the Rockies.