Weekly Link Round-Up


As usual, things I read and am telling you to read so you don’t have to find out for yourself what’s good to read.

  • Andrew Martin of Purple Row dissected the Rockies’ improved baserunning this season and how it has helped the offense score more. That’s all well and good, but I have to admit, a tiny part of me misses the #nightlybaserunningerror.
  • Don’t forget about Eddie Butler! The Rockies got a supplemental pick in the first round of the draft thanks to the loss of Mark Ellis. David OhNo of Purple Row has the story.
  • David Schoenfield finally got around to posting the NL West’s all-time draft, and his picks for the Rockies are unsurprising (hint: neither Greg Reynolds nor Ian Stewart is on it).
  • Purple Row took a look at Christian Friedrich’s stellar start on Monday and used it as an opportunity to discuss Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP).
  • Apparently nobody in the NL West learned that when you call out your players, as Dan O’Dowd did last year, it does not fix your team. It does not make them win. And then you look stupider. Good job Diamondbacks.
  • In the Fangraphs’ Franchise Player Draft, the writers chose players they’d want to build a team around. Tulo, Cargo, and Nolan Arenado were all selected, and the Rockies were the only organization that received three selections. Once again, we look great on paper and terrible on the field.
  • Help me understand why it took the Rockies so long to release Eliezer Alfonzo. Did Jim Tracy want to hold onto his one-time clean-up hitter just a little longer? Does the front office feel they are so lacking in depth that it’s worth it to keep a spot on the 40-man filled with a juicer? We’ll never know.
  • Speaking of pitchers who are awesome once they leave Colorado, I love how Manny Corpas keeps rising from the dead with the Cubs. Seriously. If Manny never gives up another earned run I will be thrilled for him.
  • It’s hard out there for the boss’s son. Chad Tracy can probably tell you all about it, and Tate Matheny certainly can.
  • Blake Street Bulletin’s Logan Burdine thinks we should be showing Dexter Fowler some All-Star love. Hey, I’m not opposed, but I’m only allowed three votes and an All-Star outfield without at least two Matts just doesn’t work for me.
  • Andrew Fisher of Purple Row wrote a terrific recap of his favorite Rockies highlight, which is near the top of my list too. October 15, 2007 – where were you when Todd Helton thrust his fists to the sky in victory?
  • I miss Seth Smith. I’m happy I’ll get to see him again next week, but I wish it didn’t have to be in the other guy’s uniform.