Rockies Lineup – June 2, 2012: Fixing What’s Not Broken


While not as badly as some teams, the Rockies are a little wounded right now. There’s pitching injuries, most notably Jhoulys Chacin and Jorge De La Rosa, whose return to the club has been slightly delayed. There’s Troy Tulowitzki‘s groin, which is in bad enough shape to warrant 15 days on the disabled list, something he normally avoids until absolutely necessary. There’s Ramon Hernandez, tendinitising on the DL himself. But the thing is, we still have a pretty good A team. Ignoring the pitching situation, which is irreparable as far as I can see, the lineup should remain: Fowler, Scutaro, Cargo, Cuddy, Helton, Pacheco, LeMahieu, Rosario, pitcher. These guys have performed just fine this past week, scoring 53 runs in 5 games. But Jim Tracy is having none of that. No, apparently Saturday is the new Sunday, because he’s benching Pacheco, Rosario, AND Helton in favor of some other guys. Those three combined to score 5 runs yesterday. Today they will combine to score zero. Well, unless Tracy decides to throw one in in a pinch. Let’s just hope the B team is up to the challenge.

In roster news, Carlos Torres, he who gave up 2 runs in 2 innings last night, has been optioned, and Rex Brothers will be rejoining the club today at Coors. I hope Rex is over his jitters and ready to be a flamethrower. The bullpen has been strong this season, and he’s a key piece of it when he’s pitching well.

Speaking of wounded teams, boy are the Dodgers in bad shape. Have you even heard of half these guys?

Dexter Fowler CF
Marco Scutaro SS
Carlos Gonzalez LF
Michael Cuddyer 1B
Tyler Colvin RF
Chris Nelson 3B
Wil Nieves C
DJ LeMahieu 2B
Juan Nicasio P

Tony Gwynn Jr. CF
Elian Herrera 3B
Bobby Abreu LF
Andre Ethier RF
Adam Kennedy 2B
James Loney 1B
A.J. Ellis C
Dee Gordon SS
Aaron Harang P

First pitch is 2:10 MDT from Coors Field.