Weekly Link Round-Up


Super-sized round-up this week, combining everything we published on Rox Pile with everything else I thought worthy of being read around the web!

  • The Rockies could really do without bad things happening right now, but that didn’t stop Ramon Hernandez from getting himself put on the DL.
  • I miss Rex Brothers, even though I have to admit Adam Ottavino has been quite an excellent replacement so far.
  • I know that as a Rockies fan I’m supposed to hate teams like the Yankees but I’ve always been a fan of theirs, somewhat in spite of myself. (Full disclosure: I’m also the girlfriend of a diehard Yankees fan, which makes them substantially easier to like.) So their struggles out of the gate this season are quite surprising and disappointing, especially since they’re making it much harder to enjoy the Red Sox’ travails.
  • If the choice is between a universal DH and no DH at all, please, please no DH at all!!
  • Prior to the Rockies-Marlins series early last week, I chatted with Marlin Maniac editor Ehsan Kassim about the things we expected to see happen. Apparently I was a little too optimistic.
  • Logan Burdine thinks it’s time to burn these Rockies down and start from scratch. He uses his own experience with TCU football as a model for how the culture needs to change.
  • David Martin is rightly critical of the Rockies’ front office and the way they handled things this offseason. If the guys who were shipped off are really to blame for the club’s failures in 2011, things would be different now.
  • There are so, so many reasons to make sure you include Mark Townsend’s blog among your daily reading material, but certainly one of the best is the screengrabs he includes in his recaps. Worth the price of admission.
  • We all dislike umpires, but absolutely nobody insults them as hilariously as Justin Klugh.
  • And then I recapped that game, a loss that was hopefully one of Jeremy Guthrie’s last as a Rockie.