Bullpen Remains the Biggest Question as Spring Training Draws to a Close


Rockies 3, White Sox 1

One walk and seven strikeouts for the Rockies’ lineup today isn’t what I’d want to see. But they did what they had to do to win the game, and that’s what I do want to see this season. The outcome of this game, though, is not as important as the fate of the players still trying out for Jim Tracy and his coaching staff.

Eric Young Jr.

EY’s not yet a lock for that fifth outfielder spot, and his spring average dipped below .300 today on the shoulders of a 1-for-4 day at the plate. Still, Tracy’s backup OF options are limited, and he seems convinced that that’s the position for EYJ, so I don’t think anything about today’s performance hurt him. Does he make the cut? Yes.

Matt Reynolds

I’m a bit shocked on this one, because I didn’t think Reynolds’s roster spot was hanging in the balance. If anything, I thought Josh Outman was the wild card and his fate would rest on whether or not the coaches felt a third lefty out of the pen would be useful (Reynolds and Rex Brothers being the other two). But then the news broke that Outman had made the team already, and suddenly Reynolds is the one in jeopardy. He spent the entirety of the 2011 season in the majors, but that certainly doesn’t preclude him from starting 2012 in Triple A. Outman’s numbers against lefties are better, and since either or both of them would be used as a specialist, it’s looking more and more like Reynolds won’t get a roster spot after all. Does he make the cut? No.

Wilin Rosario/Wil Nieves

Rosario’s had a tough couple of days, and today he was 0-for-4 with a strikeout. His numbers are still very solid; however, I’m starting to wonder if Nieves (solo home run in one plate appearance today) doesn’t have a better chance of starting the season as the backup. I’d prefer Rosario, but since he’s a long-term solution, the organization has a more vested interest in developing him and waiting to call him up till he’s completely ready. Nieves is as good a stopgap as any, backing up Ramon Hernandez. Who makes the cut? It’s a draw for me right now.

Tyler Colvin

Colvin logged a couple of K’s today but still reached base once and scored. It seems pretty certain at this point that he has a roster spot as an outfielder off the bench. Or perhaps, if Dexter Fowler doesn’t get his act together, as a starter more often than not. Does he make the cut? Yes.

Brandon Wood

I think we’re getting a good look at the real Brandon Wood at this point. It was fun to be excited about him for a minute, but that was more of a right place, right time thing, since Wood can play third and we’re not entirely sure who’s going to do that most of the time. Another 0-for-4 day. Does he make the cut? No.

Jonathan Herrera

I’d like to think Herrera is a sure thing, but he’s not yet. He’s doing everything he can, though, and his .354 average speaks volumes about his consistency. Let this man on the team already!! Does he make the cut? Yes.

One last stand-alone game for the Rockies before they play a three-game series against the Mariners to close out the spring. They face the Indians at home tomorrow afternoon.

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