Auditions for Roster Spots Continue In Rockies Camp


Rockies 6, Indians 3

We are nearing the end of spring training and there is less than a week’s worth of games left. At this point, it’s becoming clear who is going to make the final cut. So let’s take a brief look at a the performances of a few guys whose fates are still hanging in the balance.

Eric Young Jr.

EYJ came to the plate 4 times yesterday. He reached base twice, on a hit and a walk, and scored once. His .310 average this spring is not to be ignored, especially considering the struggles of some (Dexter Fowler) and injuries to others (Charlie Blackmon). Does he make the cut? Yes.

Wilin Rosario

Rosario has been an offensive powerhouse in camp, and he’s really showing what he can do at the plate. Yesterday was no different; he went 2-for-5 with a run scored. I think it’s good we still have Ramon Hernandez, because Rosario does need a little bit more seasoning and isn’t ready to take the every day job just yet. But he has done everything he could do to prove that he deserves to be the backup catcher this season. Does he make the cut? Yes.

Brandon Wood

Wood had a very brief moment in the sun a couple of weeks ago, but we now know that that was just a fluke. His 1-for-4 game yesterday is reflective of what he’s been able to produce offensively in recent days. It would be nice to have him as an option at third base, since that’s the least certain position, but we have enough better utility guys that Wood won’t be needed. Does he make the cut? No.

Tyler Colvin

Colvin went 1-for-3 yesterday with a stolen base, not a dominant performance, but taken together with the rest of his spring, a good one. His .365 average is encouraging given how poorly Ian Stewart was doing by the end of camp last year. I should probably stop comparing those two, but it’s hard not to since they are essentially the same person: a great player with a ton of potential who blew his last chance with the team who groomed him. So it’s just good to see that the “change of scenery” thing we were hoping would reinvigorate Colvin seems to be working so far. How he’ll do once he gets to Coors remains to be seen, but I really want him on the opening day roster as a backup outfielder. Does he make the cut? Yes.

Josh Outman

Outman’s spring hasn’t been especially impressive, and I think at this point it’s clear that he’s not really major league ready. He’s still giving up too many flyballs, and once he gets up to elevation that’s going to get worse, not better. I’d really rather not see him on the active roster, but I think he’s still got a good shot at being a lefty specialist out of the pen. Does he make the cut? Yes.

The Rockies play a night game against the Rangers today.

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