Big Hits Key in Rockies’ Win Over Angels


Rockies 6, Angels 2

I got the rare pleasure of watching today’s game thanks to MLB Network coming through with a broadcast. Of course, the other team was the Angels so, as usual, when the Rockies get some TV time it’s not because it’s the Rockies. Still, we have learned to take what we can get and not be bitter about the rest. It was nice just to see the guys play instead of read a box score after the fact.


I like Marco Scutaro leading off. Can we leave him there? Because I’m not sure I like Dexter Fowler anywhere. And Scutaro drew THREE walks today en route to scoring a run. He has way better plate discipline than Fowler. Fowler may have more long-term potential for offensive production because he’s quite a bit younger, but Scutaro’s just a better hitter right now. And he gets serious props for getting on base any way he could today.

Carlos Gonzalez looked great today, and seeing his familiar power swing gave me chills. He was 2-for-4 and his second hit was a 2-out, 2-run double to deep left center. He’s looking well enough that I think we can count on him having a normal Cargo April rather than last year’s awful one. If he stays healthy, that is.

Speaking of 2-run doubles, how about Jason Giambi? Well, it was just a single. But whatever gets the runs in. Giambi even hoofed it home himself on a sacrifice fly after reaching base on an error. His speed is long gone, but he’s still got some hustle, and his bat still works just fine, thank you very much.

Another gem of an outing for Drew Pomeranz, who has yet to disappoint this spring. He’s sitting on a 0.82 ERA. In 4 innings, he allowed 1 earned run on 4 hits and a walk, which is a perfectly respectable line. He spiked the ball in the dirt a few more times than I’d have liked, and only struck out 2, but that’s a quibble. He’s already showing signs that he can make adjustments when he doesn’t have his A game. And let’s not miss the fact that these were the Angels, and they did have their A game. Pomeranz didn’t even allow Albert Pujols to get on base, and he wasn’t afraid to pitch to him. This was a courageous outing, and more than successful.

I was impressed with what I saw from Josh Outman today. In my opinion Outman hasn’t done enough to earn a roster spot out of camp, but the fact that he’s a lefty may give him the extra edge he needs. What I liked about today was that he had traffic in both innings he pitched, but he never seemed to lose control of the situation. He also gave up a couple of long flyballs, but he struck out 3. A solid trip to the mound for him.

Tyler Colvin went 2-for-4 with a stolen base today and he continues to pound out hits when they’re needed most. I definitely want to see him on the opening day roster. Maybe that Ian Stewart trade wasn’t such a bad idea after all.


I really struggled with where to put Jordan Pacheco, because he had 2 hits and made 2 errors. That would seem to split the difference between dazzling and disappointing. The thing is, his poor defense is really making it hard to imagine a place for him. Those errors cost 2 bases each and they happened back to back. He’ll make the opening day roster but as a pinch hitter/utility man, and long-term I don’t know where he fits. Which makes me feel like a trade is not too far off into the future. It’s a shame, because I like his bat a lot. He knows how to read a situation and do what needs to be done offensively. But there is no DH in the National League, so if we can’t find a place for his defense he might be out of luck.

This category belongs to Dexter Fowler. 0-for-4 with a strikeout, left 4 men on base. I am tired.

The Rockies return to Salt River tomorrow as the visiting team against the Diamondbacks.

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