Weekly Link Round-Up


Stuff to read, mostly Rockies-related, some things I just thought were cool.

  • After this magazine cover, do you think people will start giving the NL West a little more respect?
  • The guys at Seedlings to Stars continue to go over the top prospect lists, and just when you think they’ve bled them of all worthwhile information, they go back for more.
  • Oh Woody Paige, you know we’ve all been waiting with bated breath for you to weigh in on Juan Nicasio.
  • How long will it be before people refer to Giancarlo Stanton by that name and a) do so unironically and b) do not automatically remind whomever they are talking to that he is The Artist Formerly Known as Mike?
  • This Tulo vs. Ubaldo cat fight is really starting to hurt my feelings. I really wish we could forget the whole thing and move on.
  • Apparently a former employee of the Root Sports graphics team now works for the Cardinals. You can’t make this stuff up.