Weekly Link Round-Up


Stuff to read from around the internets.

  • Fangraphs wrapped up their positional power rankings and guess what guys? The Rockies have the FIFTH best bullpen in the majors! I definitely thought it was undervalued, but I am flat-out shocked it got this much recognition.
  • Mark Anderson of Fangraphs scouted Nolan Arenado and the Nationals’ Anthony Rendon and ultimately concluded that Rendon is more likely to be a superstar. Stupid Nationals prospects always better than everybody else!
  • Casey Blake, who has had neck surgery, recently woke up with a stiff neck. Is this the same as or different from Juan Nicasio, who has broken his neck, being non-stop awesome?
  • MLB Network has broadcast the Rockies’ edition of 30 Clubs in 30 Days a whopping ONCE, and I missed it because my DVR hates me and fails to record that channel probably 60% of the time. Also, there are no plans to re-air said episode in the next week. I’m sure there will be some kind of marathon the day before the season starts, but can I really wait that long to find out what those geniuses think of where my team will finish? No. Fortunately, Patrick Saunders has all the scoop.
  • David Schoenfield is kind of annoying sometimes, and relies too much on his readers for content, but anybody who calls Tulo the most “irreplaceable” player in baseball is all right with me.
  • Of course, he immediately returned to his ipad and hammered out a bunch of mean stuff about how old the Rockies are. He also used the phrase “much different than,” which combines two of my biggest word choice pet peeves. So I don’t know Dave, I think we still have our issues.
  • How many articles have you seen about how Ryan Howard has been cleared to walk around after a little infection in his foot? And how many have you seen about how Juan Nicasio has been cleared for awesomeness after breaking his neck? I’m just saying.