And Now a Short Alex White Follow Up


Accountability, apology. Lesson learned, right? Then this happened. It has come to light that Alex White’s BAC was a staggering 0.174, which is twice the legal limit and potentially grounds for what Arizona calls an “extreme DUI.”

This still should not be made into more than what it is, but the fact that he clearly lied when he told Dan O’Dowd and others that he had “two drinks” changes things significantly. The organization needs to flip-flop right away on the idea that White has been “punished enough” and discipline him. Nobody would react in any manner other than a nod of approval if they did that, right? Just say, “We thought that was the case a couple days ago, but then we learned the severity of White’s mistake and realized that he had not been as honest with us as we first thought. That changed our course of action.” See how easy that was? It is also necessary on a team that is obsessed with accountability.