Weekly Link Round-Up


The final link round-up of the offseason! Next week, it’s all about spring training!!

  • Fangraphs’ Matt Klaassen gives Tulo the extra credit he’s due, and, I think, makes it clear that he’s better than Evan Longoria.
  • Good thing Seth Smith is used to being platooned, because now he has to compete with some guy named Yoenis that his new team just signed.
  • The Denver Post’s Dusty Saunders reported on the campaign to save Tom Helmer. Poor guy. And he is so much better than the still-employed Jeff Huson, too.
  • Everybody and their mom has linked to this piece on The Hardball Times about that one time Neifi Perez played catcher. So I assume you’ve read it. If not, what are you waiting for?
  • MLB Trade Rumors clued me in to a couple of Rockies signings that I did not realize had happened. Bottom line, my brain is too full of offseason moves, so I’m sure that I read about these and all the information just went out the same way it  came in.
  • I’m not going to make a big deal about this whole espnW thing. But I will say this: is it really necessary to have articles like this one, which explain stats that men are just as likely not to know about? Why are we assuming this knowledge deficiency is unique to women? Okay, I’ll stop there.