This Week on Rox Pile


There was plenty going on here at Rox Pile during our final pre-spring training week! See for yourself …


I resurrected Denny Neagle’s first start against the Rockies and remembered how much I wish he’d never pitched for us at all in this installment of the Rockies Retread series.


I turned my attention to Drew Pomeranz and discussed whether he is ready to step into the rotation in 2012.

Hayden took a look at Eric Young Jr.’s #refuse2beignored Twitter campaign and talked about what EYJ needs to do to make sure he won’t be ignored this season.


Hayden dissected the claim of many Rockies that they prefer to fly “under the radar,” and wondered whether that actually helps them do anything like win.


I discussed Matt Reynolds’s role in the 2012 Rockies’ bullpen, and whether Jim Tracy will finally give him a consistent job to do.

In anticipation of the 2012 season, I wrote a final farewell to those Rockies we knew and loved in 2011 and that are no longer with us.


Curtis outlined the prospects of four Rockies who are without minor-league options for 2012, and who therefore have their work cut out for them in Scottsdale.

I unearthed Mike Kingery and his family’s bluegrass band for your reading pleasure.