Weekly Link Round-Up


Stuff to read.

  • The most talked-about Topps 2012 baseball card is Skip Schumaker’s. If you don’t know why, well, click and see.
  • I saw the title of David Schoenfield’s article “Baseball’s most difficult team to project,” and immediately thought, this is about the Rockies. I was right.
  • Mark Townsend gives us his take on Dan O’Dowd’s 850 KOA interview, and he thinks that DOD was right to prioritize culture over talent. And he always gives Rox Pile a shout-out, which we appreciate!
  • Justin Hunter of Chicken Friars published his predictions for the NL West and he has the Rockies finishing last. Ouch. But he did refer to Huston Street as a “stud,” so he could be wrong about other things too …