The Unofficial, Unofficial Start of the Baseball Season


Welcome to February, we are now roughly one month away from real fake baseball being played, and two months away from actual games that mean something. For most teams pitchers and catchers will report in around two weeks giving us our first glimpses of new players in their new uniforms with the warm backdrops of Arizona and Florida, reminding us in colder climates that winter does actually end. We will also have some actual baseball information to digest other than rumors about the few remaining free agents and roster fodder minor league signings.

The first of February for me marks the very first signs of the new baseball season, the official launch of the 2012 series one Topps baseball cards. The hype around this year’s set has been the short printed photo variations, including the now infamous “rally squirrel” card that has sold on online auctions for as high as $600.00. For Rockies fans the 2012 base set gives us out first look at Uber-prospect Drew Pomeranz in his Rockies uniform, as well as “official” rookie cards of Jordan Pacheco and Wilin Rosario, although people looking for new Rockies Michael Cuddyer, Marco Scutaro and company will have to wait for Series 2 to be released sometime in June. This also means that 2012 Topps is the farewell Rockies cards for Chris Iannetta and Seth Smith as they are still pictured in purple pinstripes. So go out, relive your youth, buy baseball cards, and know that soon enough, baseball will be back.