Weekly Link Round-Up


Stuff to read.

  • Purple Row’s Rox Girl really likes the Marco Scutaro trade. I don’t know if I’m quite as giddy as she is, especially considering how old some of these guys are, but it’s true that things are looking much brighter than they did in October.
  • Well, the Mariners got Kevin Millwood. I would really rather have had him back than signed Jamie Moyer but Dan O’Dowd never texts me back, so I have no idea if he even got my advice on that.
  • Raise your hand if Wild Card Wednesday was one of your top ten favorite days in all of history. You need to read Justin Hunter’s reminiscence in which he imagines that day through the eyes of four different fans.
  • Seedlings to Stars’s Nathaniel Stoltz published his Rockies prospect report and it is thorough. Click through for the scoop, and don’t be surprised that the pitching depth in our farm system is kind of dismal right now.
  • Purple Row’s Andrew Martin reported from Rockies Fan Fest this past week, particularly on what various Rockies players had to say for themselves.
  • Scott Andes over at Lasorda’s Lair posted a close examination of the National League West and what tools each team will bring to the fight in 2012. Don’t tell him this, but I’m really just as confused as he is on what the heck the Rockies’ front office thinks they’ve been doing lately.
  • Jeff Aberle’s review of Troy Tulowitzki reminds us that, for all our little complaints, we have the best shortstop in the biz. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if stupid MLB Network still thinks Hanley Ramirez is better (what is the matter with those guys anyway?).  The fact that Tulo’s first 30 homer-100 RBI season felt like a downer for him tells us just how high his ceiling is and that we have a lot to look forward to from him.
  • This has nothing to do with the Rockies, but I’m a pretty big Jorge Posada fan, so it would be wrong for me not to recognize his retirement in some fashion.
  • The Cecil Fielder/Prince Fielder drama has become Kardashian-like in scale now that Prince is a Tiger, and here’s what I don’t understand: if you’re mad at your kid, why would you ever talk to the press about it? How does that end well in any universe? Shaking my head.
  • Sony released the trailer for MLB The Show 2012 this week and, unsurprisingly, it mostly features Yankees and Red Sox. But wait, is that Dexter Fowler effectively running the bases? If advertising is about tapping into fantasies, this one is effective. And how much more do we like Matt Vasgersian’s voice than Joe Buck’s? Stupid question.
  • Poor Manny Corpas. For the love of Dinger, please let your first thought of him always be the end of the 2007 season.